Monday, July 26, 2010

Running for the environment!

by Eleonora Anello

Even the motorcycle can be environmentally friendly! What at first glance may seem a contradiction, LCR Honda has achieved through Ecostyle, the new ethics code particularly favorable to environment, which has allowed the known motorcycle brand, already last GP of Mugello in June, to compete without a trace.

Result of careful measurement of emissions produced in the previous championship, the new plan will be adopted by all staff. In addition to the emissions on the track, the estimate of the ecological footprint has included emissions from the production of tires for motorcycles; the electricity used in the box, in the structure hospitality and racing; the air travel of staff and those of cargo and trucks to transport the equipment needed to perform the work. It is calculated that in an only one season 1,500 tonnes of CO2 have been released.

To decrease a few percent of the environmental impact, the Honda has renewed its way of working: from new fleet of tractors for transportation equipment fitted with a feeding system hybrid that can fuel mix LPG to new LED lighting systems; from the use of environmentally friendly paper to the merchandising gadgets mainly made with recyclable material or otherwise low environmental impact. In addition, sorting waste will be performed in all host countries; cutlery and supplies made of compostable material as well as biodegradable detergents will be used; and, finally short commodity chain, especially for the food, will be preferred.

In short, although a highly energy-consuming and impacting society, Honda is working great pains to limit damage to the environment. So, that what can not be entered, will be compensated. To this end, an agreement was signed with First Flora, an organization that takes care of part of the Atlantic rainforest in the state of Bahia, Brazil, currently lost due to deforestation 92% of its original extent and from which the president Corrado Meotti speaks: «The initiative was created thanks to the contact with Alessandro Oliveto, CEO of Doctor Glass, a Honda LCR’s sponsorship company and already involved with First Flora since many years. The fact that a major house like Honda has decided to offset their emissions, tackling a project and a serious and rigid protocol as ours, it is essential to launch a new trend that we hope will be soon caught by the other brands participating in the Moto GP World Champion. The work of Flora First conducted in one of the world's richest in terms of biodiversity is obvious to all. Proof of this are the activities of reforestation, protection of cocoa cultivars and work-camp that annually organized by Legambiente in our estate. Whoever wants, can contact us for a wonderful experience working in the Brazilian jungle».

A clear message, addressed to all lovers of motorcycling, of complex implementing but surely ethical value. Ecostyle by Honda respecting the environment embodies a common operation that provides greater visibility and gain brand image. Lap after lap, while competing in a sustainable way, the plan is likely to appear in the eyes of most careful fledged greenwashing.