Wednesday, September 29, 2010

“Open Planet Ideas”: Sony and WWF together for the good of the planet

by Valeria Rocca

Communicating and sharing ideas to discover how modern technologies might be the solution to today’s environmental problems. And this, in short, is the challenge of the ‘Open Planet Ideas’ project created by Sony, in collaboration with WWF.

Staring with the assumption that the environmental problem is a global issue in everybody’s eyes, why not confront it together? Sony and WWF have a surprising new idea: crowdsourcing, which is the sharing of ideas and proposals on a web based platform between groups and passionate individuals with the collaboration of experts.

Sony presents the “Open Enterprise” project which is founded on the idea that everyone is able to offer contributions to a large virtual laboratory. What counts here are thoughts, ideas, creativity and communication. The aim is to create a flexible network for positive change.

Subscribe to the site by September the 10th for four weeks, and you can send in your ideas and be part of the community. The best 30 concepts will be chosen by a panel of experts (the selection criteria being their environmental impact and possibility of being achieved) and analyzed and compared within the community in November. The best project will be announced January the 11th, 2011. The creator of the winning idea will be invited to collaborate with Sony engineers and WWF experts to develop further their concept along with other community members who have contributed to the improvement of the ideas.

Sony have responded to skeptics: «We are not trying new ideas to make eco friendly products. Instead, we are looking for radical new applications, unusual and incremental products and technologies being developed, which can address environmental problems».

Enthusiastically, Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, the External Relations Manager of WWF, has said: «WWF is always looking for new ways to address the threats that endanger the planet. We are thrilled with the collaboration of interesting ideas to manage some of the most important environmental issues».

In short the project, on paper, is responsible for doing good to our planet.

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