Friday, April 16, 2010

Streets open to children

by Annalisa Audino

It is time to give space to children: Legambiente will give it throughout Italy on Sunday, April 18th with the 2010 edition of “100 strade per giocare” (“100 streets to play”): a whole day dedicated to the theme of traditional games for mobility with a reappropriation of territory, roads and cities. The manifestation, final event of the wider winter campaign “Mal'aria”, is not only an opportunity to enjoy a city more beautiful and cleaner, but an opportunity to return streets and squares to citizens, to rethink public spaces in ways that are more usable by all, to promote and encourage more sustainable mobility which takes account of the needs of younger people. One way to guarantee the everybody the security to cross a road without risking to be invested, walking on a sidewalk unhampered by automobiles savage parked, breathe without risk to human health arising from traffic and smog.

From the smallest villages to the big cities in which the levels of particulates are consistently higher than the norm, the event will be an opportunity to close to traffic streets and squares to return them to the free movement of pedestrians, to organize gatherings in the form of games, theatrical and musical performances, relays, workshops, exhibitions, debates and blitz against invasions of cars!

A communication campaign that wants to be tangible, that wants, in other words, to demonstrate that the city can live without traffic, smog and noise and appear not only beautiful and liveable, but also more healthy and suitable for children. This initiative is a time of celebration and socialization through the play and the conviviality is an opportunity to experience another way of life not only for children but also adults.

You must indeed reduce the level of fine particles due to vehicular traffic, changing lifestyles and technologies: the fight against climate change should pass not only through the municipalities, which may adopt incisive measures for sustainability, but also by individual citizens and associations. In short, as tradition for 15 years, "100 strade per giocare" will be a celebration for everyone, children and adults, without exclusions for a future greener and safer. For more information email or telephone 0686268352.

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