Friday, December 9, 2011

Sometimes they come back: if plastic bags arise against those who dispersed them into the environment?

by Francesca Morra

Imagine if the container of your plastic grocery bags started walking across the home, or if the door of the pantry where you hid the nearly 300 bags the average person uses per year, opened up and begin to go out scaring guests during Christmas holidays. Imagine if, slowly, all plastic bags gathered to create a humanoid form 3-storeys high and began to move around the city and schools. Imagine how you would react...

This is what actually happened in Shanghai: the association Roots &Shoots, together with the agency Bates141, a network dedicated to communications and marketing, created an interesting and very effective advertising campaign about pollutant effects of plastic bags spread in the environment. They built an inflatable monster made ​​of plastic bags donated by the schools’ students, which circulated across streets and schools striking spectators.

The claim that accompanies the monster is "Waste plastic bags and they'll come back to haunt you" which, associated with the menacing image of the monster, stirred the heart of many students who witnessed the "birth" of this creature.

The supporting foundation is Roots and Shoots, which aims at educating new generations to environmental respect. The association's mission is precisely to raise awareness among young students because, as stated by Tori Zwisler, coordinator of environmental education projects «When you're doing environmental education you are educating not only children but also adults. If a kid saves energy also his parents will begin to do it, and then the neighbors and their families and so on ...».

Considering that plastic shopping bags are a waste most people do not realize to produce, we believe the visual impact of all these bags coming to life served the purpose of creating doubt in people who saw that.

Start thinking these 3 kilograms of plastic waste per year are easily avoidable becomes simpler and immediate if a monster of that magnitude is above us!

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